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The Secret to Winning Major Scholarships

Billions of dollars are donated on an annual basis to graduating secondary school students to ease the financial burden of attending a post-secondary institution. Scholarships are an essential resource for students who wish to achieve their goal of furthering their education. Unfortunately, many students decide that the application process may be a waste of time and


Dr. Mark Evered

Dr. Mark Evered is the President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Fraser Valley. You can check out his article here Photo credit: University of Fraser Valley on Flickr


What This Coach Did to End His Team’s Playoff Draught

There are unique elements attached to every top professional. Have you ever wondered about what exactly drives these guys to be as successful as they are? In what ways do they think differently than those who have not reached their level of success? What practices have they implemented in their lives that make them a

Jody Gordon

Jody Gordon

Jody Gordon is Vice President of Students at the University of the Fraser Valley. Check out her story here

Frank Robinson

Dr. Frank Robinson

Dr. Frank Robinson is a 3M award winning Animal Science professor and Vice Provost at the University of Alberta. Check out his story here