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Advice You Don’t Want To Miss from Dr. Arvind Koshal

Advice You Don’t Want To Miss from Dr. Arvind Koshal

  We kick off our Dr. Arvind Koshal series with "Advice You Don't Want To Miss." Dr. Koshal has not only played a key role in saving countless lives in operation rooms, but he also is a visionary who put things into action to establish one of the world's biggest heart institute: the Mazankowski Alberta Heart


Babies With Broken Hearts Are A Bigger Deal Than You Think

  When a Canadian child's heart is in critical condition we rely one of a few heroes across the nation to take action. Who are these people and what exactly do they do? The following are the words of Dr. Paul Kantor, Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at the Stollery Children's Hospital. Pediatric Cardiology is different

Bad Liar

We’re All Bad Liars

  No matter how good you think you are at lying, we're all bad liars. The growing University of the Fraser Valley has lofty goals: to provide the best undergraduate education in Canada. Dr. Mark Evered, President of the University, is a highly respected and experienced leader whose wisdom was shared with us in an on campus


Why Do You Want To Be A Doctor?

  We sat down with a leading paediatric cardiologist, Dr. Paul Kantor, to discover what drove him to become a doctor and to specialize in paediatric cardiology. If you are considering becoming a physician, it is beneficial to read how other doctors made the choice to pursue medicine. Here is Dr. Paul Kantor's story. I was

Baby foot

Hospitals in Danger

  Dr. Paul Kantor, head of paediatric cardiology at the Stollery Children's Hospital, speaks out on what's lacking in the field of medicine today and the kinds of improvements he wishes to see in the future. The following are the words of Dr. Paul Kantor in his exclusive Pro Story interview.    We’ve had real problems with